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Belize City: The Commercial Hub of Belize

Welcome to Belize City

The coastline of Belize juts out into the warm waters of the Caribbean at a point where the Belize River winds its way to the sea, creating a perfect location for the Belize City. The Mayans recognized the physical advantages of the site and built a city there they called …

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Amsterdam Tourist Attractions

View of a Church and a Canal in Amsterdam, Netherlands at Night

Nothing could be more Dutch than Amsterdam. The city presents a picture perfect scene: quaint wooden bridges running across canals, wooden shoes adorned with bright flowers in windows curtained with delicate lace. True, wooden shoes are a common sight in Amsterdam, but seldom on people’s feet. There are a lot …

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You Must Experience Venice

Gondola near Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy

If you wish to visit Venice then let nothing to come in the way. There will be people calling it a veritable tourist trap, that your spending will not be proportionate to what the city has to offer, that Venice smells and is teeming with tourists ready to be fleeced. …

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